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Business Valuation Services

We offer specialized business valuation services designed to help you understand the true worth of your business.


Our Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), Crystal Hawryluk, brings her expertise and dedication to ensure that you receive comprehensive and accurate business valuations.

Our CBV Expertise

As a Chartered Business Valuator, Crystal Hawryluk is governed by the CBV Institute. The CBV designation is considered the premier credential for business valuation professionals in Canada. Crystal focuses on preparing business valuation reports using sound valuation methodology. Her commitment is not only to determine the value of your business, but also to ensure that you understand the reasoning behind it. Crystal takes the time to discuss her conclusions with clients in an easy-to-understand manner.

Reasons for Business Valuations

There are various scenarios in which a business valuation becomes crucial. These include:

Tax Planning Purposes: Including estate freezes to pass wealth on to future generations, corporate reorganizations, and independent assessments of value under Bill C-208 for intergenerational share transfers. 

Financing Purposes: a bank may require a business valuation when financing a purchase of a business or a percentage of ownership in sales.
Purchase or Sale of a Business: To ensure fair transactions or helping to assist wiht a starting point for price negotiations.
Shareholder Buyout: Resolving ownership transitions.
Annual Valuations: As part of unanimous shareholders' agreements or employee share ownership plans.
Shareholder or Partnership Disputes: Resolving disagreements and determining fair market value. 

Succession Planning: Valuations can assist with planning an owner's future exit. 

Levels of Independent Valuation Reports:

  1. Calculation: Providing the lowest level of assurance.

  2. Estimate: Offering a moderate level of assurance.

  3. Comprehensive: Providing the highest level of assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in Touch

Contact Crystal to determine which level of valuation report is appropriate for your situation. ​

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