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Business Valuation Services

We offer specialized business valuation services designed to help you understand the true worth of your business.


Our Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), Crystal Hawryluk, brings her expertise and dedication to ensure that you receive comprehensive and accurate business valuations.

Our CBV Expertise

As a Chartered Business Valuator, Crystal Hawryluk is governed by the CBV Institute. The CBV designation is considered the premier credential for business valuation professionals in Canada. Crystal focuses on preparing business valuation reports using sound valuation methodology. Her commitment is not only to determine the value of your business, but also to ensure that you understand the reasoning behind it. Crystal takes the time to discuss her conclusions with clients in an easy-to-understand manner.

Reasons for Business Valuations

There are various scenarios in which a business valuation becomes crucial. These include:

Tax Planning Purposes: Including estate freezes to pass wealth on to future generations, corporate reorganizations, and independent assessments of value under Bill C-208 for intergenerational share transfers. 

Financing Purposes: a bank may require a business valuation when financing a purchase of a business or a percentage of ownership in sales.
Purchase or Sale of a Business: To ensure fair transactions or helping to assist wiht a starting point for price negotiations.
Shareholder Buyout: Resolving ownership transitions.
Annual Valuations: As part of unanimous shareholders' agreements or employee share ownership plans.
Shareholder or Partnership Disputes: Resolving disagreements and determining fair market value. 

Succession Planning: Valuations can assist with planning an owner's future exit. 

Levels of Independent Valuation Reports:

  1. Calculation: Providing the lowest level of assurance.

  2. Estimate: Offering a moderate level of assurance.

  3. Comprehensive: Providing the highest level of assurance.

  • Is my Information Kept Confidential During the Valuation Process?
    Yes, Merit Valuations maintains strict client confidentiality during the valuation process, ensuring that your information is secure.
  • Does Merit Valuations provide real estate and equipment appraisals?
    No, Merit Valuations does not provide appraisals of real estate or equipment. However, we can provide contact information for trusted appraisal experts.
  • What is the Process for Conducting a Business Valuation with Merit Valuations?
    The valuation process involves several steps, from initial consultation, preparation of fee quote, requesting of information, preparation of a draft report, meeting to review the draft, to completion of the final report.
  • What Type of Information is Needed for a Business Valuation?
    A starting point for most valuations is to provide historical financial statements, tax records, and other relevant documents. Merit Valuations will guide you through the process and provide a tailored information request list specific to your business and the type of report being authored.
  • How can a Business Valuation Benefit My Company?
    A business valuation can provide numerous advantages, including aiding in strategic decisions like purchasing a business, expanding, or selling a business.
  • What is Bill C-208 and How Does it Impact Business Valuations?
    Bill C-208 is essential in the context of corporate tax planning, as it allows for a tax-efficient transfer of a family business when certain conditions are met. Merit Valuations will deliver an independent assessment of value as part of this process in consultation with your tax expert.
  • What Are the Business Value Drivers Assessed by Merit Valuations?
    Merit Valuations assesses a range of value drivers, ensuring a thorough examination of your business's worth.
  • Can Merit Valuations Assist with Valuation-Related Legal Matters?
    Yes, Merit Valuations offers expertise in preparing financial expert reports for litigation support, making it a valuable resource for resolving shareholder disputes.
  • What is the Role of a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) in a Business Valuation?
    A Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) plays a crucial role in conducting business valuations. Merit Valuations, with its CBV expertise, ensures the accuracy of valuations using sound valuation methodologies.
  • How Long Does it Take to Receive the Final Valuation Report?
    The timeline for receiving your final valuation report varies based on factors like the purpose of the valuation and the type of report being authored. Merit Valuations will provide an estimated timeline with the fee quote and aims for transparency throughout the valuation process.
  • How Frequently Should a Business Undergo a Valuation?
    Business valuations should be considered periodically, especially before significant events like selling a business or retirement of a shareholder.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Level of Valuation Report?
    Choosing the appropriate level of valuation report is crucial, and Merit Valuations will assist you in determining the right level is selected based on your needs.
  • What types of legal disputes can benefit from litigation support?
    Litigation support is valuable in a wide range of legal disputes, including shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, expropriation claims, and cases involving complex financial matters. It can provide expert insights and financial analysis to strengthen your position.
  • Has Crystal Hawryluk been qualified as an expert witness?
    Yes, Crystal has been qualified as a financial expert witness in the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta (now the Court of King's Bench of Alberta) and the Alberta Land Compensation Board (now the Alberta Land and Property Rights Tribunal).
  • How can I request litigation support services from Merit Valuations?
    To request litigation support services from Merit Valuations, you can contact us through our provided contact information or submit an inquiry through our website. We will assess your specific needs and tailor our services accordingly.
  • How does Merit Valuations ensure reasonable and supportable conclusions in expert reports?
    We ensure reasonable and supportable conclusions through our in-depth financial analysis and the use of sound methodologies.
  • Can litigation support help in reaching a settlement in legal disputes?
    Having a credible expert report can help facilitate negotiations, which may aid parties in reaching a settlement agreement, prior to the matter going to Court.
  • Can Merit Valuations help with cases involving complex financial matters?
    Yes, Merit Valuations excels in handling legal disputes involving intricate financial components. Our expertise ensures that you receive comprehensive and accurate financial analysis in cases with complex financial matters.
  • What role does expert witness testimony play in litigation support?
    Expert witness testimony plays a crucial role in litigation support by providing a credible expert report to assist the Court in reaching a decision for the parties involved. An expert report can assist by taking complex financial matters and presenting them in an easier to understand manner.
  • What is the process for obtaining litigation support with you and/or your lawyer from Merit Valuations?
    The process typically involves an initial consultation to understand your specific legal dispute and financial independent requirements. We will then work to provide the necessary financial analysis and expert report as needed for your case.
  • What is litigation support, and why is it important?
    Litigation support is a vital service that assists individuals and businesses in navigating complex financial matters within legal disputes. It provides expert insights, comprehensive financial analysis, and expert witness testimony to strengthen your legal case.
  • Can Merit Valuations assist with expropriation claims?
    Yes, Merit Valuations provides financial expert reports for expropriation claims for purposes related to Section 53 (Business losses) and Section 54 (Compensation for goodwill) of the Expropriation Act for Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions

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